Searching for The Useless rises from an investigation about the being of Architecture, i.e., what Architecture really is. It is not, as you could think, a theoretical investigation; we cannot think about Architecture unless it is through a work of Architecture.

Searching for The Useless means searching for the being of Architecture, searching for what architecture would be if it could exists despite of us.

What Architecture would be if it could exists by its own self?

Architecture as Art. Art, without all kinds and levels of cliches. Art as a human construction to reflect his own existence. A useless, atemporal, universal, and transcendental construction.

A search to feel Architecture, which cannot be ever seen. It is a search through thoughts and words.

In order to approach the being of Architecture, we need to distance it from all kind of circumstances and actors, trying to see the work of Architecture as if it was not a work of Architecture, but a natural thing. Our sight has to transform objects into things, into another thing in the world.

Searching for The Useless is a creation of Igor Fracalossi, a useless blind architect.

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